E - governance in Punjab Transport Department

Punjab Transport Department is pioneer in using Information Technology for providing citizen centric services. Computerization of department started in the year 2011 with the implementation of VAHAN and SARATHI along with computerization of all the managerial functions of the Transport Department. Gradually all the processes of the Transport Department are being computerized and the data is made available through Internet or SMS for access by citizens. Punjab is the First state to successfully implement Vahan 4.0 web application & Sarathi web application across the state.
There are 11 RTAs,1 STA , 81 SDMs and 32 Automated Driving Test Tracks distributed geographically in the state of Punjab keeping the public convenience in mind and vehicle population within the region.

* User manual :Dealer Registration with E KYC
* Dealer Registration -flowchart
* Dealer Validation of Staff with adhaar
* e-kyc login with adhar otp_new RC
* For Any query of the Motor Vehicle Dealer, please write an email to vahan.pb@nic.in

* Flow Chart for Faceless Service: Learner's Licence Application using Aadhaar Authentication
* User manual for Faceless Service: Learner's Licence Application using Aadhaar Authentication

* Helpline for any query related to payment on IFMS eReceipt , Contact Details: Sunil Kumar, Number: +91-82787-73662, Email: ereceipt.ifms@punjab.gov.in
* "SPECIAL DRIVE - For issuing of Stage Carriage Permit on Rural Link Roads & other District Roads 1. Advertisement , 2.Conditions as per Motor Vehicles Act 1988,Section 72(2) 3. Conditions for applying, 4. Corrigendum,5. Corrigendum 2,6. Corrigendum 3
,7. Corrigendum 4
,8. Public Notice