How to Obtain Certificate of Registration for New Vehicle

Where to approach for obtaining of Certificate of Registration

Approach your nearest Suwidha Centre or Registering Authority (DTO or Sub Divisional Magistrate)

Requirement  of Certificate of Registration

The vehicle can be driven or allowed to be driven in public place only after registration by registering authority.

Physical Presence

It is mandatory to produce the vehicle in front of inspecting authority

Inspecting authority will inspect and give the clearance certificate for registration of vehicle

Documents required to apply for Certificate of Registration

Form 20 duly filled up [Imprint of chassis no and engine number must be taken on this form]

Form 21 (Sale certificate) issued by the vehicle dealer

Form 22 (Road worthiness certificate) issued by the which manufacturer
Attested copy of valid vehicle insurance policy / cover note

Attested copy of address proof at which vehicle is to be registered.

Form 34 duly signed by owner and the financer

One time road tax as applicable

Prescribed fee for registration

PAN Card or Form 60 & 61 (as applicable)

Dealer invoice or manufacturer invoice.

Effectiveness and Validity

Certificate of Registration issued is valid throughout India.
Certificate of Registration is issued for 15 years for Non Transport vehicles [Private vehicles].

Certificate of Registration is issued for 2 years for Transport vehicles and after that owner of vehicle have to obtain the fitness certificate every year from the Registering authority.
Driving license issued for transport vehicle will be valid for three years