Instruction for Principals of Private Colleges

Principal of colleges as Test taking Authority

  Principals of private colleges are authorized for the taking the test for issuance of Learner License
  for the students of their respective Institutes / Colleges.

  Principals will take the test for the student who are residing in same District only
  Principals can take a test for the issuance the Learner License for following classes only:

•   Motor Cycle less than 50 cc
•   Motor Cycle greater than 50 cc
•   Motor Car [Light Motor Vehicle Non Transport]
•  Principals will take the test for the student, do the scrutinizing of the submitted application,
   collect the Government fees and User Charges and
    do the data digitization in the installed application.
•   The digitized records along with printed Learner License and application forms will be sent to
   respective DTO for issuance of Learner License after verification of data and signing of the printed Learner License.

Principals will check the following documents while receiving application from student:

•   Duly filled Form 2 [Application Form for grant of Learner license] by student.
   This form is available on

•  Three passport size photographs
•  Proof of your ordinarily residing address:
•  Ration Card / Election ID Card / Passport
•  Electricity / Telephone Bill / House Tax Receipt
•  An affidavit sworn by the applicant before an Executive
   Magistrate, or First Class Judicial Magistrate or Notary Public
•  Proof of your date of birth:
•  School Lea ving Certificate / Birth Certificate

Principals will make the arrangement for to conduct the medical test at the college itself

•  The medical test can be conducted by any of the MBBS doctor and they will
   fill the required Form 1 and Form 1A.
•  Medical practitioner must perform the following activities along with
   the other required activities:

•  Check for the Colour Blindness
•  Blood Group of the applicant

Principals will conduct the test of the student. This test is mandatory for all  applicants.

•  For this purpose set of question papers will be provided by
•   Transport Department to the Principal of the college.

Principals will collect the fees required to  obtain Learner License  which is  as following:

•  Rs. 30/- multiplied by the number of class of vehicle applied
•  Collected Fees amount has to be deposited in Transport Department
   account on a daily basis by any of following medium
•   Challan submission at Bank in the account of 0041 head.
•  By use of Internet Banking facility provided by State Bank of India.
   To collect the fees by internet banking, please contact your respective DTO

Principals will also collect User Charges for  Transport  Department.The amount of the user charges will be as following:

•   Rs 80 /- will be as collected as the user charges from students
•  Distribution of the collected user charges of Rs 80 /- is as following:
•  Rs. 20 /- will be deposited to respective DTO
•  Rs. 60 /- will be used by Principals to make the provision to conduct Medical test and to facilitate students by providing educational material etc.
•  Collected user charges will be deposited to the respective DTO on the weekly basis

Principals will do the data digitization for all the  approved applications in the application named as SARATHI

  The prerequisites for the mentioned applications are as following

•  A PC [Configuration as mentioned in Annexure A]
•  A printer [Configuration as mentioned in Annexure B]
•  A web camera [Configuration as mentioned in Annexure C]

The  training and process flow for the principals  will as following:

•  A SARATHI application will be installed at the computer located by principals
•  Training for the SARATHI will be provided at that very time of installation
•  Principals are required to feed the textual data in the installed application
•  They also have to capture the photograph of applicant with doing enrollment of the respective record
•  After enrollment, each record will be approved by the principal and later on will be printed by the application on A4 size of paper.
•  Printed Learner License will be signed by the respective Principals and issued to the student
•  This data will be transferred to respective DTO on weekly basis by CD or E-Mail for issuance of Permanent License

•  They will maintain the cash book for the amount collected as Government revenue.

Here are the guidelines for checking the age criterion while issuance of Learner License

•   Age greater than 16 years but are less than 18 years are eligible for a license to drive only a motor cycle upto 50cc engine capacity
    i.e. motor cycle without gear.
•  Age greater than 18 years are eligible to obtain license for a motor
   cycle equipped with gears and also for a Light Motor Vehicle [Motor Car].

Annexure A

•    Indicative Configuration of a Computer
•  Intel core 2 Duo E8400 or higher, 3 GHz processor with minimum 6 MB of L2/ L3 cache with Intel Original Q33 chipset
•   Front Side Bus (FSB) – 800Mhz.
•   RAM – 2 GB 800MHz or higher upgradeable to at least 8 GB.
•   Hard Disk Drive – 250 GB SATA SMART III 7200 rpm with Pre Failure Alert.
•   DVD / CD-R Drive – Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive
•   Audio - Integrated audio controller.
•   Monitor - 17” SVGA color monitor, MPR II certified, Energy Star compliant. Should have minimum resolution of
  1280x1024 @ 60Hz.
•  Keyboard – 104 keys USB OEM keyboard
•  Mouse – USB optical scroll OEM mouse and mouse pads of superior quality.
•  Ethernet Port- Embedded auto sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controller with WOL & PXE support.
•  Cables & Connectors - Power cords for CPU and Monitor. Connecting cord for monitor and display adapter.
•  Security Feature - Security Loop / Lock
•  Operating System - preloaded latest version of Windows XP professional / Windows VISTA (license included) with
   latest available service pack (SP2 or later)
•  Antivirus - Symantec/McAfee/Trend Micro Antivirus

Annexure B

   Configuration of the Color Deskjet Printer

•  Print speed: 18ppm colour
•  Duty cycle: 3000 pages per month
•  Resolution:1200 dpi
•  A2, A4, A5, A6, C6, DL, Borderless Photo, Letter, Legal, Executive
•  USB/Parallel Interface
•  Windows XP; Windows 2000 and Windows 9X / ME compatible

Annexure C

   Configuration of the Color Deskjet Printer

•  Minimum 3 Mega Pixel
•  USB interface
•  Possible brand – Intex night vision, Logitech